Uh-oh, Ed Sheeran has another TV role

The singer will make an appearance in The Simpsons later this year


After sending Game of Thrones fans into convulsions of rage with a rather unsubtle cameo in the season seven premiere, Ed Sheeran seems to have taken quite a liking to the small screen – he’s due to make an appearance in The Simpsons later this year.


Entertainment Weekly reports that the pop star will lend his vocal talents to a musical episode in the long-running animated sitcom’s upcoming 29th (!) season entitled Haw Haw Land, starring as Lisa’s love interest, a singer called Brendan.

It doesn’t bode well for poor old Milhouse, as the episode will see him on the outskirts of a love triangle between Brendan, Lisa and Nelson, which will see the two boys competing for her affection by brandishing their musical talents.

So by the sounds of things, as on Game of Thrones, Sheeran will get to produce those multi-million pound pipes on at least one occasion.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly that the crew heard through the grapevine that Sheeran – who has a tattoo of Blinky the three-eyed fish from way back in season two – wanted to appear on the show.

“We had a perfect part for him”, Jean said. “So we said, ‘Oh, great, we’ll have him do this!’ And we recorded him over the phone from England.”


The singer, who is currently on tour in support of his album Divide, has previously appeared in the US sitcom Undateable, and also featured in a few episodes of The Bastard Executioner, but his latest exploits are certainly bigger fish. Who knows what beloved show he has his sights on next?