Tracey Ullman is gearing up for the second series of her BBC comedy Tracey Ullman’s Show, which is likely to air this January.


And it may cause some gnashing of teeth north of the border.

Following her take-offs of the likes of a chain-smoking Duchess of Cornwall and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in series one, she has mastered other impressions of impressive and formidable women a little closer to home.

One of them is said to be an “eerily accurate” Clare Balding, while SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon is also in the firing line, can reveal.

She will be played like a Bond villain, living in a Tartan Lair with a white Scottie dog on her lap….

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The second series sees the legendary comic bring back more of her surreal and satirical comedy following her successful return to BBC1 at the beginning of this year, after a break of 30 years.

The series garnered critical acclaim and consolidated audiences of more than 4m viewers in a late-night slot.

Her impressions saw Dame Judi Dench (below) portrayed as a kleptomaniac hooligan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a vain sex kitten.


Maggie Smith also fell under Ullman's comedic gaze and was portrayed in a series of sketches auditioning for various roles.

Other comedy characters included drugs mule Karen, adjusting to modern life after 28 years in a Thai prison, and topless feminist MP Sally Preston.


Tracey Ullman's Show is scheduled to return to BBC1 early next year