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Toast of London series 2 teasers: acting in high winds and more Clem Fandango

Toast co-writer Arthur Mathews drops hints as to what to expect from the new series logo
Published: Tuesday, 13th May 2014 at 11:16 am

Channel 4's cult comedy about the misadventures of fruity jobbing actor Stephen Toast (played by Matt Berry) is due to return for a second series later this year and its co-creator Arthur Mathews told a little of what we can expect.


The first titbit he reveals is a typically absurd storyline:

"We discover that he [Stephen Toast] is Britain's second best actor acting in high wind. The leading British actor, who's really great (not Brian Blessed as you might think, he must have been too obvious), gets blown away and Toast steps into the breach.

"It's good for castle ramparts – Shakespearean stuff – and ships, you know Trafalgar and that, but also, he's very good acting under landing helicopters. He discovers he has a real talent for doing that – like 'Ah, the Prime Minister has returned from the G7 summit.'"

Fans of the regular scenes in which Toast struggles to record voiceover work, will be pleased to hear there will be more awkward exchanges with unbearably trendy producer Clem Fandango (played by Shazad Latif):

"Clem is onboard. I think the plan is to do some more extra studio stuff and put it on the internet," says Matthews. "I always like those scenes, they're pretty foolproof. Clem Fandango and [sound engineer] Danny Bear are such great characters."


Toast of London is expected to return to Channel 4 in the autumn.


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