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Who plays Kurtan's nan in This Country? Fans guess mystery A-list star

Her identity has been kept a closely guarded secret

Published: Tuesday, 10th March 2020 at 4:11 pm

BBC Three's acclaimed comedy series This Country has got fans talking with a mysterious cameo appearance, that is said to be from an A-list acting talent.


In the latest episode of the third series, we finally get to meet Kurtan's nan as she storms out the house to complain about how the documentary crew have ruined the area.

As Kerry explains, her face is pixellated out because "she doesn't want to be seen in the documentary."

But behind the scenes, it appears that the character was portrayed by a high-profile actress and director Tom George has given clues as to her identity on Twitter.

So who could it be? The leading suggestion from This Country fans is Tilda Swinton (Avengers: Endgame), who identifies as Scottish owing to her family's ancestry there.

In addition, her partner is Sandro Kopp, a visual artist who would be more than capable of satisfying the final condition on the list.

She has been known to disappear into roles before, adopting distinct accents in a number of films including Snowpiercer and Okja, even playing a man in 2018's Suspiria remake.

Whoever she is, the credits for the episode list her as Elvira Presley, a pseudonym created by combining Elvira: Mistress of Darkness with the surname of iconic rockstar Elvis.


This Country is available to stream on BBC iPlayer


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