The US election is a joke in Veep season 5 trailer

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Hugh Laurie are on the campaign trail in the new series, which sees creator Armando Iannucci depart but Peter Capaldi join as a director


The battle for power rages on in the new trailer for Veep season five, which returns to HBO on Sunday 24th April.


“We’re in the middle of a tied election,” says Selina, pretending to look enthused by this political challenge while really she’s screaming inside.

Embroiled in the chaos is Hugh Laurie, Selina’s second in command, helping her offend as few people as possible — while John Slattery is very intimately involved with the election race…

This is also the first season without creator Armando Iannucci at the helm. The British writer explained, “Any showrunner would look at his team and say, ‘Who’s not quite giving a hundred percent?’ I actually felt, if I carry on doing it like this, I won’t be giving a hundred percent – so I’m fired. I decided to fire me from the show.”


However, this is also the season where Peter Capaldi joins Veep as a director (on a couple of episodes at least). How will the Doctor Who and Thick of It star handle going back from Doctor to spin doctor?