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The trailer for the Will & Grace revival is here – and it's a musical

Can Eric McCormack get Debra Messing on board with a song and dance?

Published: Tuesday, 16th May 2017 at 2:26 pm

An extended musical trailer for the brand new series of Will & Grace has been released, and it's super meta.


The five-minute clip kicks off with stars Eric McCormack and Debra Messing in character (sort of) as Will and Grace at the NBC offices, having just agreed to reboot the beloved sitcom.

But while she's happy to steal free candy from the TV network's bowl, Debra/Grace isn't so sure she has the time. She's just too busy.

"All you do is Instagram," Eric/Will fires back.

To persuade her, he takes her upstairs at the studio to the "Something Else" floor where he turns on the lights and pulls the dust sheets off the old set.

Sure, it may have been a decade since the show was on TV, but Karen (Megan Mullally) is still having a nap on the sofa. And Jack (Sean Hayes) soon bursts through the door, showing the flat to a potential Airbnb customer.

"What if something fundamental has changed?" asks Debra/Grace. But even if the outside world has been through a lot in the past decade, in this perfect sitcom flat (which, as Will points out, they could never afford in a million years) everything is still the same as it ever was.

The foursome sing a song and dance a dance, and luckily Debra seems persuaded to sign a contract and bring back Will & Grace after an 11-year absence.

A viral video released just before the US presidential election poking fun at Donald Trump inspired NBC to pull the cast in for talks. They may not have managed to stop Trump getting elected, but at least there are 12 episodes of Will & Grace in the works.


Will & Grace will air in the US in the autumn. A UK date has not been confirmed


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