The stars of Friends, Big Bang Theory, Will & Grace, Cheers unite for hilarious tribute sketch

Jim Parsons, Ted Danson, Matt LeBlanc, Charlie Sheen, Rhea Perlman, Woody Harrelson and more pay tribute to the great James Burrows


James Burrows is about a big a name as you can get in TV comedy without stepping in front of the camera. The director is responsible for hits ranging from Cheers to Frasier, Friends to The Big Bang Theory. Chances are if it’s a US sitcom and you’ve laughed at it, he was involved somehow.


So when NBC decided to hold an all-star event honouring the great man, all-sorts of famous faces turned up.

The skit is a hilarious reminder of some of the great moments in comedy history, but our favourite is Woody Harrelson’s swipe at Matthew McConaughey’s car adverts.


Surprisingly, that’s a piece of comedy Jim Burrows wasn’t involved in.