The Simpsons vs Breaking Bad

Watch the new Simpsons opening sequence featuring cameos from Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

What better way is there to unwind from a hard day at the meth lab than kicking back and watching The Simpsons?


That’s what Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman do once they’ve finished knocking up home-made narcotics, at any rate.

Don’t believe me? Then watch this new Simpsons couch gag, which parodies the AMC drama to a tee, with Marge Simpson’s cupcakes taking the place of Walter White’s drugs:

The gag will be screened on TV in the States this Sunday at the start of the latest episode of The Simpsons, Series 24’s What Animated Women Want, which features guest appearances from Star Trek’s George Takei and comedienne Wanda Sykes.


Breaking Bad’s final eight episodes are due to air in the US over the summer.  It will be available in the UK on Netflix shortly afterwards.