The secret to getting people to watch your show on catch-up? Sex and Star Wars, obviously

Big Bang Theory spoilers ahead!!!!



The Big Bang Theory has broken a ratings record — thanks to galaxies and Getting It On. In episode 11, which will air in the UK on Wednesday 13th January, Sheldon and Amy have sex after five years of dating, while the others head to the opening night of Star Wars.


And this powerful combination of Star Wars and sex meant that when it aired in the US, Big Bang was watched by 17.2 million people, with 7.18 million catching up with it at some point in the following week.

What does this mean? Well, 7.18 million people is already a larger audience than lots of TV series get on a weekly basis, so this is quite a feat.


So there’s a lesson for all TV writers out there. Get Star Wars and sex in the same show, and you’ll have out-of-this-world viewing figures…