The Mimic series 2: First look at trailer for the return of the Channel 4 comedy

Terry Mynott returns as the bumbling impressionist Martin Hurdle in the second run of Channel 4's tender comedy

The Mimic, Channel 4’s bittersweet comedy about a compulsive impressionist, returns next month for a second series – and here’s an exclusive look at the new trailer.


It shows that our hapless hero Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott) is once again down on his luck, after he ditched his job in site maintenance to become a professional mimic in series one.

He can still do the voices but in series two he finds that his son and agent Stephen (Game of Thrones star Jacob Anderson) is leaving him to go travelling with his mates.

Worse still, the taxman is knocking on his door and all is not peachy with his best friend and landlady Jean (Jo Hartley) either. She has just dumped Neil (Neil Maskell) the hilarious hypochondriac who also doubles as Martin’s other best friend….

Still, things start looking up when Jean sets up Martin with self-assured body language expert Harriet (Rebecca Gethings) and the two start dating…..


The Mimic series two begins airing on Channel 4 in mid-July