Katherine Ryan reveals that she’s already writing The Duchess season 2

The Canadian comedian already has several ideas for a second season of her Netflix sitcom.

The Duchess

Katherine Ryan’s first sitcom – The Duchess – may have only just landed on Netflix, but the Canadian comedian already has lots of plans for season two.


The six-part series, which stars Ryan as a “fashionably disruptive single mum living in London”, follows Katherine as she contemplates whether to have a second child with her estranged ex and former boyband star Shep.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com at a press roundtable, Ryan revealed which plot points she wants to explore in series two, which she’s already started writing whilst waiting for a green light from Netflix.

“I have lots of narrative ideas for this story in the future,” she said. “I think us being young women during the girlband/boyband boom, seeing True Say reunited, hopefully watching Shep emboldened by the love of a good woman, do a whole reunion tour and be on top – I would love to see Shep on top – I would love to see what happens with that relationship.”

“There are many avenues that it can go down and I’m writing the second series anticipating that hopefully I will get to do a second series but I still have so much to say,” she added.

Ryan continued: “Of course dealing with a child, they enter new phases of their life so quickly and parents have to adapt to that so I think there’s lots more story to tell but it depends on whether or not people watch it.”


The semi-biographical sitcom, which features an up-and-coming cast including Rory Keenan, Steen Raskopoulos, Michelle de Swarte and Sophie Fletcher, is based on Ryan’s stage persona. However the comic has set the record straight as to how much the series mirrors her real life, saying: “In my real life, I’ve not been pregnant by a boyband star and I don’t shout at the mums at the school gate, so there are differences.”

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