The Crown’s Olivia Colman set to seduce Homer as she guest stars in The Simpsons

One can eat my shorts

Olivia Colman The Simpsons

Soon set to rule as Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of Netflix’s The Crown, Olivia Colman is now slated to enjoy a short reign on The Simpsons.


But while she won’t be voicing a royal in season 31 of the Springfield-set animated sitcom, Colman will play a character trying to seduce Homer Simpson, very much Evergreen Terrace’s Prince Phillip.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Simpsons executive James L Brooks said the Oscar-winning actress would play a woman who “attracts every man she’s ever met” but “falls hard, harder than she ever imagined, for Homer Simpson.”

Other stars set to lend their voice to the new Simpsons season include Aquaman’s Jason Momoa, Breaking Bad’s Bob Odenkirk, singer John Legend, Big Mouth’s John Mulaney, and Chrissy Teigen.

While her Simpsons episode is currently in production, Colman is set to return to screens on 17th November for Netflix’s The Crown. Although many are anticipating her portrayal of a British monarch, Colman recently described working on the show as the “worst job”, owing to taking over from fan-favourite Claire Foy.

“It’s horrendous,” she told EW. “Everyone loves Claire Foy, so I have got the worst job in the world at the moment.”

In fact, Colman said her anxiety about the role led to impersonations of her predecessor.

“The first week, I did feel myself trying to do Claire impressions,” she said. “‘What would she have done?’ It’s the same as any classical play you do — everyone will have already played that part before.”


The Crown season three starts its reign on Netflix Sunday 17th November