The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon and Amy finally kiss on Valentine’s Day trip

The US comedy's long-standing couple enjoyed a romantic smooch during a train getaway with Howard and Bernadette

Just when you thought Sheldon Cooper was entirely bereft of any romantic sensibility, he goes and gives us the moment we (and no doubt Amy) have been waiting for. The Big Bang Theory couple finally shared their first kiss on the show after three years together – and it wasn’t the brief peck you might have expected…


After Amy lures Sheldon with vintage locomotives, the couple set off on a Valentine’s Day train getaway with Howard and Bernadette but end up in a spat after the theoretical physicist befriends a fellow enthusiast and spends the evening ignoring his girlfriend. 

When Amy pulls him up on his lack of romance, Sheldon snaps, telling her, “If you want romance, let’s have romance”, before sarcastically sipping wine, gazing into her eyes and, eventually, kissing her. But instead of the abrupt contact he’d anticipated, Sheldon continues, grabbing Amy’s waist and pulling her in closer – much to the delight of viewers back home. 

The episode is set to air on E4 later this month but, in the meantime, take a look at the pair’s long-awaited smooch below…