The Big Bang Theory is introducing Penny’s mother and brother

And the casting is just perfect


The Big Bang Theory may not have worked out if it’s carrying on after its next (and 10th) season, but it’s still got plenty of tricks up its sleeve either way – like finally unveiling Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) Nebraskan mother and brother in an upcoming episode, in a piece of inspired casting announced at San Diego Comic-con this weekend by showrunner Steve Molaro.


Fans of 30 Rock will be delighted to see that series’ Jack McBrayer as Penny’s drug-dealing brother Randall, but it’s the inclusion of Katey Sagal as her mother Susan that has aroused more interest, with the two actresses playing mother and daughter once before on sitcom 8 Simple Rules from 2002-2005.


Other topics discussed by Molaro included the preparation he went into for the long-awaited episode where Sheldon and Amy sleep together (which he said was planned years in advance), where the characters would go next (either into new jobs or a flag convention, depending on how you look at it) and whether he thought about the series ending.

“I’m not gonna tell you,” Molaro told the crowd (via Variety).

“There’s been a few thoughts that have floated around, but we don’t really know how long the show’s going to go on for, so I think it’s a little early for us to be thinking about an end point.”


The Big Bang Theory season 10 will air in the US this September, and will return to UK TV at a future date