The Americans had a seriously starry Red Nose Day last night, with a three-hour televised show full of A-listers. Of course, as in Britain, some of the night was dedicated to actors reporting heart-breaking stories from deprived areas of the world, but there was also a lot of comedy to get the nation watching and donating.


Here the best moments everyone's talking about...

Julia Roberts gets deep

It turns out that Julia Roberts' natural voice is a deep baritone and that all these years, she's been dubbed to sound more womanly....Richard Gere, Jodie Foster and Hugh Bonneville share their memories of working with Julia and her "distinctive voice."

Anna Kendrick takes on Indiana Jones

In honour of the new slew of female remakes of male-led films, Red Nose Day did their own Indiana Jones in Anna Kendrick played the heroine. Rather than getting caught up in all the messy survival stuff, she just hangs out out her cave-home and kits it out with some nice antiques.

Stephen Merchant goes for gold

The actor writes a play for Rose Byrne and Gwyneth Paltrow to perform...and it's not entirely wholesome. He tries to kiss Byrne and then persuade Paltrow into a threesome, “for charity”.

Ed Sheeran collaborates with Kermit

Seriously, Ed Sheeran should take a break from singing with human pop stars like Taylor Swift and give the Muppets crew a chance more often. Sesame Street next, please! It's really quite heart-warming especially as Ed looks gleeful and also quite bemused at what's going on.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Eddie Redmayne and Helen Mirren being brilliantly British

While the Americans got all the attention onstage, the Brits toiled away backstage on admin and technical tasks. Seth explained that although it is a British charity, he didn’t want any Brits involved with the US effort, because “they are famously terrible actors.” Helen Mirren's role as tea lady was a highlight. She even had Earl Grey.

You know nothing Chris Martin!

This is possibly the greatest US Red Nose Day moment of all, as we see "behind-the-scenes" of the Game of Thrones musical. Coldplay's Chris Martin struggles to recruit all the cast but when he does, it has some unexpected results. At one point wildling Ygritte defends her love Jon Snow from Chris Martin's mild criticism. "You know nothing Chris Martin!" she shouts, in a phrase which may well haunt Martin whenever he's feeling insecure about a new album.


Bad lip reading of reality TV stars

In a very surreal but funny moment of the evening, there was A Bad Lip Reading of reality stars. "Sleeves are gross and boring," says Kim Kardashian. It's funny, because the reality stars make just as much (or little) sense when dubbed with nonsense, as they do in their shows.

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