The best Bojack Horseman joke you probably haven’t spotted

It's the most most well hidden Bojackery ever

Bojack is dense. Wait, that’s wrong. Bojack is whip smart, but the show has a lot of layers. It’s a hilarious animal cartoon that is one of the most depressing programmes not on television


…and it tends to stuff every frame with background jokes and surreal images. Like, say, this slug committing suicide.

But there’s one joke from series two that you probably haven’t spotted… because it’s not actually in the show. It appears before you’ve even started watching.

Take a close look at the Netflix programme page. 

Spotted it? No? Look harder.

That’s right, Bojack the D thief has struck again – first the Hollywoo sign, now the Episoes page on Netflix. Now that’s what I call… Horsin’ Around!

Or something. Whatever. You’ve seen the gif, it’s filled three seconds of boredom, go find something else to distract you from yourself.


Bojack Horseman series two is out now on Netflix