Tearful viewers demand another series of Cold Feet

But will they get one?


Cold Feet’s seventh series came to an end last night, with the episode leaving fans tearful and desperate for more as Pete and Jen tied the knot and James Nesbitt’s Adam broke up with Tina.


And above all else, the call went up for ITV to make an eighth series of the comedy drama, which would be the third edition of the series in recent years after it originally ran from 1997 to 2003 (returning last year).

And in a special RadioTimes.com poll our readers overwhelmingly agreed, with 96% of voters calling for another series and just 4% saying the series had had its day.

Sadly, for now the future of Cold Feet is a little uncertain, with no decision yet made by ITV about whether it’ll return for another run and ratings dipping in this year’s series after 2016’s triumphant return.


Still, we’re hopeful for the future – because even after 20 years, there’s still a lot of warm hearts for Cold Feet out there.