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Watch Mawaan Rizwan make a huge mistake in Thursday’s Taskmaster

Mawaan's total score could suffer this week after this fatal error.

Mawaan Rizwan

Channel 4 has released a clip from Thursday night’s episode of Taskmaster, which sees comedian Mawaan Rizwan forget a pivotal rule from one of the show’s quirky challenges.


Taken to an empty warehouse, the contestants are tasked with putting exercise balls into plastic hoops, while being strictly confined to a rubber dinghy on wheels.

To make matters more difficult, they are not allowed to move the hoops, meaning they must instead focus their efforts on the cumbersome bouncy exercise balls.

Mawaan’s attempt is first up for judgement and sadly it’s not for a good reason; after struggling to balance all five balls aboard his dinghy while wiggling towards the distant hoops, he rethinks his strategy, disastrously.

Check out the clip below:

“I should have brought the hoops to… why didn’t I think of that before?” Rizwan says, forgetting one of the rules that the uncompromising Taskmaster had set.

After all that effort, it’s a frustrating error and seems likely to lead to disqualification from that particular challenge; that is, unless Greg Davies relaxes his usually unmerciful nature.

To find out how Rizwan’s co-stars Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Daisy May Cooper and Richard Herring fared in the challenge, make sure to tune into the full episode on Thursday night.


Taskmaster continues tomorrow at 9pm on Channel 4. Catch up now on All 4. The Taskmaster Christmas special airs on New Year’s Day. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide, or take a look at our new TV shows 2020 page to find out what’s airing this autumn and beyond.