Having aired on Dave since 2015, Taskmaster will be moving to Channel 4 later this year, but host Greg Davies has some good news for fans worried about the switchover.


Davies told RadioTimes.com that there are no plans for format tweaks when the show's 10th series, its first on Channel 4, launches in late 2020.

"It'll be very much the same show is our plan with Taskmaster, because people seem to like the show and we like doing it the way it is," insisted Davies, who hosts alongside show creator Alex Horne.

"So I think you'll barely notice a difference, other than I will be just that little bit older and fatter... and angrier!"

Originally created by Horne for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010, Taskmaster sees Davis issue comedic and bizarre challenges to five regular contestants, with Horne acting as assistant and umpire.

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Greg Davies and Alex Horne on Taskmaster
Greg Davies and Alex Horne on Taskmaster (UKTV/Avalon/Andy Devonshire, FT) UKTV

Davies's next project will be new Sky One series Safe Space, a scripted comedy he's co-written with Man Down's Stephen Morrison. In the series, Davies will play a "dysfunctional psychotherapist" heading nowhere fast until fate intervenes in the form of a new client; his rising star local MP.

"Everybody presumes that psychotherapists have got themselves together and so we thought it'd be an interesting starting point to have a psychotherapist who isn't as together as his patients might want him to be!" Davies explained.

"I've been having some very interesting chats with psychotherapists and when they're anonymous, they're very candid about their job and about some of the people that they treat. It's a really fascinating world, I think, and it's an ambitious project. It starts small and gets ridiculously big!"


Safe Space is coming soon to Sky One