Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg co-star as Londoners in their 20’s who, after struggling to fit in elsewhere, move in with each other. Spaced, the sitcom they created together is a humorous story about ‘Generation X’ which essentially portrays a fictionalised version of their own struggles as young people trying to find employment in the capital.


Where can I watch Spaced?

Spaced is available on 4OD, and Amazon Prime. It is also available on DVD.

Who starred in Spaced?

Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes take the central roles of Tim and Daisy, who pose as a bogus couple in order to take on a cheap flat. Julia Deakin plays their landlady, Marsha Klein and their friends are played by Nick Frost, Katy Carmichael and Mark Heap.

What is Spaced about?

Pegg wrote Spaced, alongside co-star Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson,) about a group of young people trying to find flats, employment and their way in life, in north London.

Speaking about the shows origins, Hynes told Vice: “I was living in my boyfriend's squat at the time. Simon had a degree from Bristol University and could spell; I had an electric typewriter and some Tipp-Ex. I've still got the very first thing that was ever put to paper for Spaced, which was a Marsha monologue – that was the very beginning.”

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How many seasons of Spaced are there?

There are two seasons of Spaced, both were nominated for the BAFTA award for Best Sitcom.

Where was Spaced set? Where was Spaced filmed?

Spaced is set in London, the fictional location of the flat 23 Meteor Street is actually in Tuffnell Park, north London.

You can buy Spaced on DVD here.


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