Steve Carell has once again teamed up with The Office (US) creator Greg Daniels for another workplace comedy, although this one has its sights set a little higher than the profit margins at Dunder-Mifflin.


Space Force follows the misadventures of the US military's newest branch, as they race against rival countries to get "boots on the moon" as soon as they possibly can.

Carell plays General Mark Naird, who is given the daunting task of overseeing this effort, with an eccentric team of scientists, astronauts and military personnel at his disposal.

The first season ended on a real shocker which we've explained for you below - beware of spoilers for the season one finale...

Netflix's Space Force ending explained

After a relatively light and breezy season, it may surprise viewers that Space Force ends on a very dramatic note, which sees the lives of both US and Chinese astronauts put in mortal danger.

When China was able to put a scientific base on the moon before the US, they laid claim to a large area on the surface known as the Sea of Tranquillity, an illegal action that stoked tension between the two nations.

The US got their own crew on the moon not long after, who were soon ordered by the Secretary of Defence to take aggressive action, destroying the rival base and wielding power over the Chinese scientists by accepting them as refugees.

The scientists and General Naird knew that this course of action was morally wrong, but when he tried to stop it from happening, he was arrested and Space Force was taken over by Air Force general Kick Grabaston (Noah Emmerich).


He ordered the astronauts to proceed with the attack and they did so, destroying the Chinese space lab which strangely appeared to be empty. Upon their return, they discovered that the Chinese scientists had the same idea and had sneaked out to destroy the rival US moon base.

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With both living habitats left in ruins, there are now dozens of astronauts stuck on the moon with nowhere to live and little means to survive. Things aren't looking good for them...

On a slightly cheerier note, General Naird escaped arrest and took off in a helicopter to find his daughter, who had accidentally gotten mixed up with some dangerous drug dealers.

He picks her up in the chopper just in time, restoring her faith in him which had been tested in recent weeks by his absent parenting. Naird soon spotted that Maggie (Lisa Kudrow), his incarcerated wife, had broken out of prison with the help of a sympathetic warden.

They also board the helicopter, at which point word reaches them about the chaos that has unfolded on the moon. Naird is faced with a choice: does he return to Space Force to help, risking a court martial, or does he fly off into the sunset with his family and attempt to start a new life?

Before we can find out what he chooses, the credits roll...

What will happen next?

It is yet to be confirmed whether Space Force will return for a second season on Netflix, but if it does, there would be plenty of scope to continue this story.

For starters, we need to find out what the next chapter has in store for Naird and his family. Our money is on him returning, given the respect he has for Space Force captain Angela Ali (also there wouldn't really be a show anymore if he chose not to).

If he can orchestrate a rescue for the stranded astronauts, perhaps in the style of Ridley Scott's The Martian, that might be enough to get him off the hook from his superiors - especially as Grabaston's leadership proved to be such a disaster.


Space Force is available to stream on Netflix. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.