South Park forced to rework election episode following Donald Trump win

Trump's victory led to some major changes at the last minute


The creators of South Park found themselves in a bit of a mess when Donald Trump took the US presidency – because they had already animated the episode in question on the assumption that Hillary Clinton would win.


A last-minute re-write transformed the episode originally titled The Very First Gentleman (playing on Bill Clinton becoming the First Gentleman alongside Hillary as the first female President) into the more appropriate Oh, Jeez.

In one clip released as a teaser, Randy asks if everyone is excited to make America great again.

South Park’s version of the US presidential race features a choice between giant “douche” Mr Garrison (Trump) or a turd sandwich (Clinton).

The episode opens at an ill-fated Clinton victory party. As the result comes out, Randy screams in disbelief while people vomit and shoot themselves in the head. It then gets much weirder, with Bill visiting the school and pairing up with none other than Bill Cosby.


That’s South Park for you.