Seth Rogan to host James Franco ‘roast’

The actor will front a demolition of his sometime co-star on the Comedy Central channel

Seth Rogen is to lead a demolition of his Pineapple Express co-star James Franco in a Hollywood roast – an increasingly popular format in which a star’s colleagues and ‘friends’ come together to tell embarrassing anecdotes about their victim, and generally abuse him or her in front of a celebrity studio audience, all in the name of fun.


Most recently seen in Oz the Great and Powerful, Franco first teamed up with Knocked Up star Rogen in 1999 cult series Freaks and Geeks. The pair have since collaborated on movies including This Is the End, Pineapple Express and the forthcoming The Interview.


The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco will be recorded at Culver Studios in Los Angeles on 18 August and will premiere on Comedy Central in the UK on Sunday 8 September at 10pm.