Sacha Baron Cohen was nervous about bringing Ali G to the Oscars

And it wasn't just because nobody knew he was doing it...


You might think that Sacha Baron Cohen has no fear, given all of the stunts he has pulled. Yet sneaking his character Ali G into this year’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy apparently made the comedian very, very nervous.


And yes, it is ‘cause he iz black.

(Warning, some strong language in this interview)

“I was nervous and I’ll tell you why,” he explained to Howard Stern. “Obviously the racial issue was the issue at this Oscars, and I decide you know what I’m going to do Ali G. And the problem is, I’m playing a character who thinks he’s black. They’re going to introduce me as Sacha Baron Coehn and my first line is ‘I know what you is all thinkin’ – the Academy has brought on yet another token black presenter.’

“If you know Ali G, you’re going to think that’s funny. If you don’t know who Ali G is, like 99 per cent of the people out there, you’re going to think that Sacha Baron Cohen is pretending to be black.”


Lucky Dave Chapelle was there to give the OK, and Olivia Wilde was ready to back him up.