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Ross Noble to make 'anti-travelogue' series for Dave

The madcap Geordie comedian will ask the public and social media to decide where he goes and who he meets in Ross Noble Freewheeling logo
Published: Friday, 22nd February 2013 at 12:32 pm

Long-haired Geordie comedian Ross Noble has been signed up to make a travelogue series for digital channel Dave.


But Dave is probably more accurate in describing the show as an 'anti-travelogue', because Noble isn’t a fan of traditional TV travel shows – he thinks they’re too pre-planned and obviously staged.

So the 36-year-old stand-up will be doing things differently in Ross Noble Freewheeling and letting the public dictate every step of his journey.

He’ll be calling on fans through social media to send him off to the sort of places that are never usually seen on TV.

And, given Noble’s ability to improvise entire gigs and endlessly riff on things as mundane as a till receipt, it's fair to assume that anything and anyone could end up being drawn into his comedic web.

Discussing the series in his usual offbeat fashion, Noble said: “I can’t promise this programme will be either insightful or that revealing but it’s definitely a programme.”

Dave’s general manager Steve North added: “Ross Noble Freewheeling takes Ross off the stage and sets him loose on the real world; it’s a whole new twist on comedy on Dave.

“Social media is integral to the success of the show and we will be looking at innovative ways of engaging with his fans so they drive the editorial - Ross really is in the hands of the public.”

Ross Noble Freewheeling will debut on Dave in the autumn.


See a clip of Noble performing stand-up on Dave below:


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