Rob shows off mad French skills in exclusive Catastrophe clip

Rob and Sharon drop the kids off at her brother Fergal’s before a weekend trip to Paris – who knew Rob could speak French?

Rob and Fergal have always had a slightly troubled relationship in Channel 4’s smash hit comedy Catastrophe.


In tonight’s episode, even the simple act of Rob and Sharon dropping their children off before a weekend in Paris sees the two men come to blows – as they battle to prove how good their French is.

Spoilers: Rob owns Fergal.

* Warning: this clip contains strong language *

Sharon (Sharon Horgan) has now got over her anxieties about whether she has bonded with baby Muireann, the newborn with the name nobody can pronounce.

In fact, she is so attentive that a sexually-frustrated Rob (Rob Delaney) accuses her of behaving like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, salivating over her “precious”.

But will the pair’s attempt to remedy matters with a weekend away in the city of lovers do the trick?


Catastrophe is on Channel 4 at 10pm Tuesday 10th November