Ricky Gervais is performing stand up gigs in London this May

The star of Derek and The Office says he'll be back on the stand up scene beginning with a number of low key appearances


He’s already due to bring David Brent back in upcoming film Life on The Road but Ricky Gervais is feeling really nostalgic this year so he’s going back to his stand up roots too.


“Finally, I’m going to do some stand-up. The first in about six years if you don’t count hosting the Golden Globes,” the actor – whose film Special Correspondents is due for release on Netflix next month – revealed via his official blog.

“I’ve booked a couple of low key warm-ups with the Derek lot to flesh out the bill a bit. The shows will be in London in May, but I’ll give you more details nearer the time.”

Meanwhile, Gervais is working hard to promote David Brent’s Life on The Road return, which sees him catching up with The Office’s cult hero.

“It’s great though. I promise,” he wrote. “We started mixing the album this week and we have 15 tracks. This means our vinyl edition will be a double album. How cool is that? I’m like Prince. (But slightly taller.)”


Now Ricky, you have to tell us, will the Brent dance be back in time for the first music video?