Ricky Gervais gets Lego makeover in stop-motion video

Spider-Man, Sherlock Holmes and a Stormtrooper are among the comedian’s audience in the animated comedy makeover

Ricky Gervais need ponder no more what he would look like as a Lego figure.


Not a bad look is it?

The comedian has had the Lego makeover as part of a stop-motion video by YouTube users Wonderfulbricks. They’ve taken audio from one of Gervais’s tours and combined it with the miniature figures.

He’s doing a skit about life in the polar regions of northern Canada. You may wonder how this leads to swearing, but it does. So be warned.

And if the comedian were to do a gig in his Lego form, Spider-Man, Sherlock Holmes and a Stormtooper would be among the audience. Pretty good haul, right?

Gervais certainly seemed to like the final video, writing on his Twitter feed, “This is brilliant”.


Check it out: