Richard Herring developing comedy about his home town for Channel 4

C4 is actively pursuing the comedy with the working title Chedwood, can reveal

Richard Herring, erstwhile comedy partner of Stewart Lee, is developing a Channel 4 show based on his home town, Somerset’s Cheddar Gorge, can reveal.


With the working title Chedwood, the comedy is expected to mine some of the real life experiences of 46-year-old Herring’s early life in the 1980s and the school where his father Keith Herring was the headmaster.

Herring has made no secret of his wish to get a comedy based on his early years made but so far has had no luck.

Speaking to his local newspaper earlier this year he said he would “love to get one of my Cheddar based scripts on to the television” adding: “I have written a few scripts revolving around the place (or a similar place) but so far none of them have been produced.

“I have a lot of affection for Cheddar Gorge, from playing arcade games when I was young, drinking cider there when I was a little older (but still officially too young) and working there as a cave guide.”

However Channel 4 has now confirmed that the Chedwood script in active development.

Herring’s earlier life had previously been examined in a stage show called The Headmaster’s Son in which he reflected on the pains of growing up. The show included a section in which me made fun of his own teenage diary.