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Q&A: Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse, The Revolution Will Be Televised

The fearless stars of the BBC3 hidden-camera satire dispatch our quick questions logo
Published: Wednesday, 12th September 2012 at 12:48 pm

Of all your victims, who was angriest?
Probably the extreme Muslim Cleric who threatened us with a Fatwa. Though we couldn't use him in the end.


How did you blag your way into the Mansion House dinner, where you tried to give George Osborne a GCSE maths book?
We had great producers who could have talked their way into a secret CIA sex party.

Were you arrested or physically attacked during filming?
Jolyon was hit in the face with a wad of paper, and Heydon felt like he was going to get thumped by the EDL.

Whom do you despise more, Tories or Lib Dems?
We don't despise anyone, we just think they're all idiots.

Chris Morris famously described Mark Thomas as "a guy who goes around and bullies receptionists". Do you think that criticism could apply to some of your stunts – that you've just annoyed some lowly members of staff?
Yes, although it's very hard to always catch the big fish, and often we are going after the brand itself rather than the person behind the till. We genuinely did our best. You have no idea of the hours of blood, sweat and tears we excreted in order to get who we did.

Were there any stunts you were forced to leave out or not attempt?
Yes, lots - and they will be on the DVD when it's released in November…

Who tried and failed to pressure the BBC into removing them from the programme?
That would be telling - although certain political parties did object to our pop-up polling station.

You seem posh. Are you class traitors?
Erm... yes.

People concerned about illegal wars, corporate greed etc are often dismissed as po-faced moaners. Were you consciously trying to overturn this idea?
We don't think they are. It just depends on how you moan. Some people are good moaners. Is it still called moaning when you are laughing at the same time? Bad moaners give us all a bad name.

Would you be satisfied if you made people laugh, but didn't change their view or prompt them to take action?
You can't force people to change their views. All you can do is pose the question. There are many ways to be persuasive - one of them is humour.

Jonnie Marbles pushing a custard pie into Rupert Murdoch's face – heroic and hilarious, or counter-productive?
You've got to get it in perspective. If your company hacks into a dead girl's answerphone, then someone is going to put a pie in your face.

What was the best answer a celeb gave to BBCOMGWTF?
After we cut the cameras, Cheryl Cole treated us to an in-depth analysis of the conclusions she had drawn from Sartre's "Being and Nothingness". It was very illuminating.

Is it a good thing being on BBC3 where not many people are watching, so you can do a second series without being recognised?
Ouch - actually, 1.8 million watched the first episode, and we love BBC3. And with the help of supportive journalists like yourself, people will find us.

What do you predict will happen in the 2015 general election?
Boris Johnson will fail to be elected leader of the Tory Party, so he will run for the Monster Raving Loony Party instead... and he will win.


The Revolution Will Be Televised continues tonight, 10pm BBC3


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