The Power of Parker, a new BBC comedy from Car Share's Sian Gibson and Paul Coleman, follows entrepreneur Martin Parker, who is "swimming in a sea of debt and lies".


He's being chased by loan sharks and, if that isn't quite enough for one lifetime, his wife and mistress have teamed up to bring him down.

"Ultimately it's a love story about romantic love, family ties and the love of status and money," said Gibson. "It's about what happens when people get greedy and the lengths they'll go to in order to cover up lies and bad behaviour and keep up appearances."

Read on for a full rundown of The Power of Parker cast:

The Power of Parker cast

  • Conleth Hill as Martin
  • Sian Gibson as Kath
  • Rosie Cavaliero as Diane
  • Sheila Reid as Gladys
  • George Costigan as Dougie
  • Steve Pemberton as Sandy
  • Ryan Nolan, Theo Spofforth and Austin Haynes as Liam, Neil and Ryan, the Slater brothers
  • Abby Vicky-Russell as Julie
  • Dominic Holmes as Tom
  • Lani Heywood as Alison
  • Jason Barnett as Alan
  • Judith Barker as Betty
  • Rhiannon Clements as Bev
  • Jonathon Carley as Gary
  • David Mumeni as Mr Scott
  • Tara Ahmed as Zara
  • Louis Emerick as Vinnie
  • Alice Barlow as Fiona
  • Shameem Ahmad as Jean
  • Moey Hassan as Saleem

Conleth Hill plays Martin

Martin screaming, dressed in a suit
Martin Parker (CONLETH HILL). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Jack Barnes

Who is Martin Parker? A businessman who owns a chain of electrical goods shops. He's in debt and has been cheating on his wife for 25 years.

Hill is described him as "a man who seems to have it all and more; beautiful wife and family, beautiful long term mistress, impressive detached home, successful chain of electrical goods shops, the confidence, the suits, the cowboy boots and car. But all is not as happy and successful as it seems, he has made bad business decisions and is against the clock to sort the whole mess out."

Where have I seen Conleth Hill before? His CV includes Game of Thrones, Holding, Dublin Murders, Vienna Blood and Magpie Murders.

Sian Gibson plays Kath

Kath wearing her hairdressers tunic, standing in the care home with her hand on her hip, smiling at the camera
Kath (SIAN GIBSON). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Vishal Sharma

Who is Kath? Kath is the "other woman", who is head over heels for Martin. She's a mobile hairdresser at a retirement home.

"She is an eternal optimist, full of life and definitely wears her heart on her sleeve," said Gibson. "She's not had the most blissful upbringing and is prepared to fight for what she wants. She also loves a bit of double denim."

Where have I seen Sian Gibson before? She's best known for starring in Car Share alongside Peter Kay.

Rosie Cavaliero plays Diane

Diane sat in her car looking fed up
Diane Parker (ROSIE CAVALIERO). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Vishal Sharma

Who is Diana? Martin's wife. They have two children together.

"She isn't very happily married as she is bullied by Martin and undermined by him on a daily basis," said Cavaliero. "She wants everything 'just so' but ultimately her life is a bit empty and she knows it."

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Where have I seen Rosie Cavaliero before? You might recognise her from Code 404, Gentleman Jack, Worzel Gummidge and Hold the Sunset.

Sheila Reid plays Gladys

Gladys sat down playing bingo
Gladys (SHEILA REID). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Vishal Sharma

Who is Gladys? Kath's best friend. She lives at the retirement home.

Where have I seen Sheila Reid before? She's best known for Benidorm. You might also have recently watched her in Dreamland.

George Costigan as Dougie

Dougie standing next to a man in a penguin costume in the electrical shop
Dougie (GEORGE COSTIGAN). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Vishal Sharma

Who is George? Martin's step-father. The two detest one another.

Where have I seen George Costigan before? His CV includes Happy Valley, Gentleman Jack, Line of Duty and Emmerdale, to name just a few.

Steve Pemberton plays Sandy

Sandy sat at a dining table laughing
Sandy (STEVE PEMBERTON). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Kerry Spicer

Who is Sandy? A friend of Martin's, who also works in business.

Where have I seen Steve Pemberton before? He's best known for Inside No 9, The League of Gentleman, Benidorm, Whitechapel and Psychoville. He's also appeared in Happy Valley, Worzel Gummidge and Killing Eve.

The Slater brothers

the Slater brothers sat around the kitchen table
Liam (RYAN NOLAN), Neil (THEO SPOFFORTH) and Ryan (AUSTIN HAYNES). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Matt Squire

Who are the Slater brothers? Ryan, Neil and Liam are a family of local thugs who are chasing Martin for money.

Where have I seen them before? Austin Haynes appeared in The Railway Children Return and Ryan Nolan's CV includes Becoming Elizabeth.

Abby Vicky-Russell plays Julie

Julie sat at her desk in the office, wearing a striped blazer, smiling
Julie (ABBY VICKY-RUSSELL). Boffola Pictures/Lookout Point/Jack Barnes

Who is Julie? Martin's ditzy secretary.

Where have I seen Abby Vicky-Russell before? You might have watched her in Deep Heat and Call the Midwife.

Other cast members set to star in The Power of Parker include:

  • Dominic Holmes (Coronation Street) as Tom - Martin and Diane's teenage son. He's in a band called Corduroy Jesus.
  • Lani Heywood as Alison - Martin and Diane's teenage daughter. She finds her parents intensely embarrassing.
  • Jason Barnett (Agatha Raisin) as Alan - Martin's solicitor. He has repeatedly advised him to get his affairs in order, but to no avail.
  • Judith Barker (Coronation Street) as Betty - She lives at the retirement home.
  • Rhiannon Clements (Hollyoaks) as Bev - A staff member at the retirement home who has a low-key drug problem.
  • Jonathon Carley as Gary - He works in one of Martin's shops.
  • David Mumeni (Dead Pixels) as Mr Scott - A teacher at Alison's school.
  • Tara Ahmed (Everything I Know About Love) as Zara - Alison's French exchange student.
  • Louis Emerick (Brookside) as Vinnie, Alice Barlow (Hollyoaks) as Fiona and Shameem Ahmad (Fate: The Winx Saga) as Jean - they attend a dinner party at Sandy's house.
  • Moey Hassan (Casualty) as Saleem - A taxi driver.

The Power of Parker premieres on Friday 28th July at 9.30pm on BBC One. Check out more of our Comedy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to see what's on tonight.


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