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Piers Morgan has Twitter war with Ricky Gervais, ends up being cast in Derek

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Published: Friday, 8th August 2014 at 10:05 am

Piers Morgan pulled comedian Ricky Gervais up last night after he joked about his suits in an interview - sparking a Twitter exchange that might just have landed Piers a guest role in Derek! Or not.


Gervais was talking about his upcoming The Office spin-off movie Life on the Road, which will see David Brent try to live out his rock-star dreams.

“He thinks he’s gonna get signed,” Gervais told TheWrap, adding: “He’s trying to get A&R men along, and they’re going, ‘You look like Piers Morgan, you’re a 50-year-old man in a suit, why are we going to sign this?’ It’s absolutely f***ing tragic.”

Morgan wasn't going to let this comment go unchallenged.

Gervais said there was no offence meant. All gentlemanly, like.

But Morgan wasn't about to be aged, either.

Gervais had that all covered.

Morgan then thought he’d use this as a good time to get his name on the cast list.

Gervais suggested he’ll soon be more suited to retirement-themed comedy Derek.

Morgan either didn't get what he meant, or chose to ignore it.


Which gave Gervais a right laugh.


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