Peep Show writers finally reveal Super Hans’ real name – or do they?

Writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong say the truth might not be so simple, even though series nine episode two appears to confirm his real name

After 12 years and nine series, one of the enduring mysteries of Peep Show has apparently been solved – the real name of professional bad influence and drug connoisseur Super Hans (Matt King).


This week’s episode revealed during his wedding ceremony that Hans’ real name is… “Simon”. Yep, it was a bit of an anti-climax. 

But apparently we shouldn’t be re-stitching our commemorative Super Hans tea towels just yet. According to Peep Show co-creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, we might still be in the dark about Hans’ correct nomenclature. 

“There’s still doubt in our minds in terms of his Wikipedia page, what should be on there,” Armstrong said recently. “I don’t think we’re married to him being Simon; I think that might be a nom de guerre or something like that.

“We always knew that he’d made up his own nickname. We thought that’s the sort of person he was. But what his real name is – I don’t think we’re ready to commit to Simon, are we Sam?”

“No, let’s leave it open,” agreed co-writer Sam Bain.

So there you have it – no reason to go Hans-free after all. A nation rejoices.


Peep Show continues next Wednesday at 10pm