Peep Show series 9 spoiler-free preview

Ben Dowell got a sneak peek at the last ever series of the David Mitchell and Robert Webb comedy… and he wasn’t disappointed

It’s been more than three years since we last visited Croydon’s gruesome twosome aka David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s Mark and Jez. 


Last we saw of the unscrupulous Jez he was declaring his love to Mark’s girlfriend Dobby (Isy Suttie) in a field. You will not be surprised to learn that Mark is still smarting at the betrayal in a way only Mark can – pompously.

One angle of attack has seen him finding a new flatmate in his own image, cruelly consigning Jez to a billet in druggie Super Hans’ bathroom.

But will Jerry (Tim Key, below) provide Mark the requisite fun and companionship? After all, he is a bit of an uber-Mark, with a keen interest in William Morris documentaries and reading nights in. Is this the counterpoint Mark’s history-obsessive neurotic really wants?

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that we rejoin the action six months on from the regrettable field-gate.

There is a celebration going on – I won’t say what, but it may surprise you to learn quite what is being celebrated. And Dobby (for the moment) is still in New York.

Of course, it isn’t long before Jez seeks to wheedle his way back home in what becomes a hilarious tug-of-love for Mark’s affections. Though of course one suspects that Jez actually just wants a room and that it won’t be long before the pair are reunited…

Channel 4 are very happy with this series and on the evidence of episodes one and two it is clear that writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are keen to go out with a bang. They have crafted something very special.

The gags are rapier-sharp and, despite all the usual chaos and mayhem, it is deftly plotted.

It also seems clear that Matt King’s Super Hans (pic, below) will be brought joyously to the fore this series. It’s lovely to be reminded of what a fantastic (and integral) character he is in the peerless world of Peep. And we may even get to find out what his real name is…


Peep Show series 9 starts on Channel 4 on Wednesday 11th November at 10pm