With England entering its third national lockdown, there's no doubt we're all in desperate need of some light relief right now.


Thankfully, Parks and Recreation is arriving on Netflix in less than a month's time and if there's anyone who can get us through the next few months, it's the waffle-loving ray of sunshine that is Leslie Knope.

Starring SNL legend and Inside Out star Amy Poehler, this mockumentary from the producers of The Office US follows civil servant Leslie in her daily life as she works at the Parks Department of fictional Indiana town Pawnee.

With the likes of Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Adam Scott and Retta gaining stardom thanks to their performances in this sitcom, Parks and Recreation is well-worth a watch (or a rewatch) if you're looking for a laugh.

Here's everything you need to know about Parks and Recreation's arrival on Netflix and how to watch all seven series.

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Where can I watch Parks and Recreation?

Parks and Recreation lands on Netflix in the UK and Ireland on Monday1st February so get ready to binge all seven seasons over a big glass of snake juice.

If you can't wait until then, Parks and Recreation is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and iTunes, while you can purchase the complete series on DVD.

How many seasons does Parks and Recreation have? How many episodes of Parks and Recreations are there?

There are seven series of Parks and Recreation, ranging from 1-24 episodes each.

While the show officially ended in 2015, the beloved cast reunited for a Parks and Recreation lockdown special in April 2020, which saw Leslie (Amy Poehler) call her former colleagues whilst stuck in isolation.

What is Parks and Recreation about?

Set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana, Parks and Recreation follows day-to-day life in the offices of the town’s Parks and Recreation department, and the rising political career of Leslie Knope, who begins the series as the bureau’s deputy director.

Leslie’s co-workers are a rag-tag group of idiosyncratic characters including sarcastic intern April Ludgate, libertarian and DIY-lover Ron Swanson, and ambitious but often misguided Tom Haverford.

Together, the motley crew join forces to battle bureaucracy, challenge scheming politicians, and work to make Pawnee a better place — with hilarious and heartwarming results.

Who is in the cast of Parks and Recreation?

Parks and Recreation- Season 6

Saturday Night Live star Amy Poehler (Mean Girls, Baby Mama) stars as Pawnee bureaucrat-turned-politician Leslie Knope.

Rashida Jones, Karen on the American version of The Office, plays nurse Anne Perkins, Leslie’s best friend.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s Chris Pratt rose to stardom after playing goofy and immature Andy Dwyer, who, in the first series, is dating Anne.

Actor, writer and comedian Nick Offerman plays Leslie’s boss Ron Swanson, a staunch libertarian and woodworking enthusiast. Offerman himself is a master carpenter.

Parks and Recreation - Ron and Leslie

Enterprising but underachieving Tom Haverford is played by Master of None creator and star Aziz Ansari.

Aubrey Plaza (Legion) plays cynical and weary intern April Ludgate.

The Good Place’s Adam Scott stars as government official Ben Wyatt.

Other regular cast members include Rob Lowe (The West Wing), Jim O’Heir (Strip Mall), Retta (Good Girls), and comedian Billy Eichner.

The show also features a slate of celebrity guest stars that include Jon Hamm, Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd and SNL alumni like Andy Samberg, Will Arnett, Fred Armisen and Will Forte.

Where is Parks and Recreation filmed?

Though the town of Pawnee is in Indiana, shooting took place primarily in California. Pasadena’s City Hall stood in as Pawnee’s, and a Pasadena bookstore was also used in the series. A house in Altadena became Leslie’s, and the house used as Anne’s is in Van Nuys.

What is Parks and Recreation rated?

Parks and Recreation is rated 15 by the BBFC – suitable for ages 15 and over.


Parks and Recreation arrives on Netflix UK on 1st February. You can also order the complete box set on Amazon. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.