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Olivia Colman: Being fancied in my new comedy Flowers made me “nervous and giggly”

The Night Manager and Broadchurch star admits she was uneasy with her new role in the new Channel 4 comedy where she plays a music teacher struggling with her marriage

Published: Monday, 11th April 2016 at 6:30 pm

Olivia Colman will be seen later this month in Channel 4’s dark comedy Flowers.


She plays Deborah, a music teacher and the wife of depressed Maurice played by Julian Barratt.

In the comedy, Deborah also has an admirer who lusts after her, something which the Broadchurch and Night Manager star revealed at a press screening made her her “nervous and giggly”.

“I don’t often get to play the object of lust,” she adds modestly. “It’s really fun to play but, as it turns out, quite embarrassing.”

In the comedy, Barratt's Maurice is the author of twisted children’s books series The Grubbs and appears to harbour an array of dark secrets and demons. Deborah also suspects he is in a secret gay relationship with his Japanese illustrator Shun (played by Will Sharpe).

Also living in the creaky house is Maurice's eccentric mother Hattie (Leila Hoffman) and their maladjusted 25-year-old twins Amy (Sophia di Martino) and son Donald (Daniel Rigby).

Asked if she will be returning to Broadchurch – and The Night Manager series two, she replied: “I know we’re doing Broadchurch again but I don’t know the story, I don’t even know if I’m in it or not. The Night Manager, again, the actors are always the last ones to know. I don’t think they trust us.”

Perhaps not, but someone is definitely claiming to know better when it comes to The Night Manager: both Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie hinted at the weekend that there would be no series two.


Flowers begins on Channel 4 on Monday 25 April


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