The BBC is gunning for a Mrs Brown’s Boys D'Movie sequel following the phenomenal success of the current film.


Head of BBC Films Christine Langan told that she “very much hoped” that writer and performer Brendan O’Carroll would make a follow-up to the smash hit release, which is topping British box office charts.

“He is wonderful to work with and the audience love him and we would want to keep that relationship going,” she said.

“Watch this space, I wouldn’t be surprised [if there was a sequel]. There isn’t a script as far as I know. But I very much hope that he will come up with a sequel and I don’t imagine he won’t.

“It’s great fun – he’s good at it. He has got a huge audience. We see Brendan as being absolutely brilliant BBC talent. What we can do at BBC Films is get BBC talent onto another platform.”

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Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie sees the character – who began life in the BBC1 sitcom – fighting for her market stall which is under threat from a ruthless developer. Last week it became the number one film in the UK & Ireland, taking £4.3 million in its opening weekend.

“We will see if this can be sustained but it has already done way more than most British films do,” said Langan.

Explaining its success, she said that O’Carroll, who gets into drag to play Mrs Brown, has an instinctive understanding of his audience regardless of what she called the “metropolitan elite” might have to say about his work.

“He has his finger on the pulse – he understands how people work. Especially if you live in London the difference between how this performed commercially and the coverage it has got, you realise that everything you read in the media isn’t how people live and think.

“Brendan has a very good understanding of how people tick. He really believes in that. He believes comedy in the last couple of decades has ignored some of the more obvious appetites for people in comedy and that there is room for well-executed broad mainstream comedy.

“There is something wild and refreshing about him. He is very much his own man. I wouldn’t say the metropolitan elite switch on to him. But we love him at the BBC and now the film world is having to sit up and take notice.”


O’Carroll is reportedly developing ideas for Mrs Brown movie spin-offs as well. One idea is called Wash and Blow and is based on Mrs Brown's son Rory, his husband Dino and their hair salon.