Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Brendan O’Carroll on his new BBC1 comedy and apologising to the Queen

The writer and star of the hugely popular Irish comedy is working on a pilot about "complete losers" for the BBC

If you can’t get enough of Mrs Brown and her unique brand of tomfoolery, we’ve got good news. 


Brendan O’Carroll – the man behind the show and in the frocks of the show’s matriarch Mrs Brown – is working on a new project for BBC1. 

“We are working on a pilot of my very first play, called The Course,” O’Carroll told at last night’s National Television Awards in London. “The story’s about a man who gives a positive mental attitude course to complete losers in the effort to try and get them to sell insurance door to door. It should be fun!” 

“I have to say there’s other stuff I want to do, and there’s other stuff the BBC want me to do,” he continued. “Maybe we’ll try something. If it doesn’t work we’ll go back to Mrs Brown!” 

Happily, O’Carroll’s new projects don’t mean an end for Mrs Brown, which picked up the NTA’s best comedy award for the third year in a row. There are Christmas specials scheduled in for the foreseeable.

“The nice thing about the series is that we can drop in and out any time we like because we keep Mrs Brown kind of warm with the Christmas specials,” O’Carroll said. 

Christmas specials which are proving more and more popular. The BBC1 comedy was the most watched show on Christmas Day in 2014, beating Doctor Who, Downton and even the Queen… 


“I sent the Queen a note, apologising. She didn’t reply,” laughed O’Carroll.