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Mel Brooks appeared on The One Show and was baffled by the whole thing

The comedy legend poked fun at the show's 'nuts' format

Published: Thursday, 28th September 2017 at 9:23 am

91 years old, and Mel Brooks has still got it.


The comedy legend stopped by The One Show yesterday, and was unable to wrap his head around the show's tendency to flip-flop between frivolous celebrity chit-chat and real-life tales of heartbreak.

"What a crazy show this is", he said, as hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker introduced a segment in which long-lost relatives were reunited, amidst interviews with their panel of celebrities, which also included actor Russell Crowe.

"Are we allowed to segue to happiness?" he asked the hosts. "You've got to tell me when 'happy', when 'sad'".

His frequent interjections to criticise the format – and Crowe, whom he told he would have cut scenes from Gladiator – had the audience and the crew in stitches. Later, he called the show 'nuts'. Watch a couple of clips from his appearance below.

Viewers were delighted by his brashness, and took to Twitter to praise the star for airing what many of us have so often thought.


The comedian was in London to promote a new musical based on his film Young Frankenstein.


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