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Meet the cast of Benidorm series 9

Sherrie Hewson, Johnny Vegas and Tony Maudsley are all returning to cause havoc at the Solana resort

Published: Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 at 4:21 pm

Josh Bolt – Rob Dawson


Rob is a young man looking for romance. In series eight, he had his eye on new barmaid Amber.

Before appearing in Benidorm he played Raff in Last Tango in Halifax for four years.

Nathan Bryon – Joey Ellis

Nathan Bryon was another newcomer to Benidorm in last year's series, as Tiger Dyke's dim mate Joey Ellis.

Bryon has also appeared in Some Girls as Jamie Bennett, and has the obligatory bit-part in Casualty on his CV.

Adam Gillen – Liam Conroy

Liam is the son of Les/Lesley. He tagged along with his dad for a cheap holiday back in 2011, but then decided to make the Solana his new home. He soon became a caretaker at the Solana, and then a nail therapist at Blow 'N' Go, and then went off to work in Madrid – though luckily he decided to come back to work at the salon with Kenneth.

Other appearances for Adam Gillen have included Just William, Fresh Meat and Oliver Twist.

Selina Griffiths – Pauline Maltby

Pauline is Noreen's daughter and Geoff's sister. She first turned up in series four (2011), when she was stressed-out, going through a messy divorce, irritable and fast becoming an alcoholic. She popped up again in 2016, providing more drama for the Maltby family by falling off the wagon.

You might also recognise her from Drop the Dead Donkey, The Smoking Room, Jonathan Creek and Come Fly With Me.


Benidorm series 9 will launch on Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 9pm on ITV


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