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Meet the cast of Benidorm series 9

Sherrie Hewson, Johnny Vegas and Tony Maudsley are all returning to cause havoc at the Solana resort

Published: Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 at 4:21 pm

Janine Duvitski – Jacqueline Stewart


We first met Jacqueline ten years ago, in series one. She and husband Donald (Kenny Ireland) were a couple of enthusiastic middle-aged swingers – and the leading lights of the Middlesbrough Swingers Association – who had been coming to Benidorm for twenty years already. Unfortunately the actor Kenny died in 2014, but Jacqueline has continued to visit the resort solo.

Aside from her longstanding Benidorm role, Janine Duvitski starred in 1977 movie Abigail's Party as well as Waiting For God and One Foot in the Grave.

Tony Maudsley – Kenneth Du Beke

Kenneth, a flamboyantly gay character, was introduced in series four when he arrived with Gavin and Troy. By series five he had settled in to the expat lifestyle and become a Benidorm businessman with a popular new hair salon within the Solana resort – the Blow 'n' Go.

Tony Maudsley was the voice of Grawp in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He's appeared in the musical Hairspray, the radio comedy Revolting People and the TV series Doc Martin.

Danny Walters – Tiger Dyke

Tiger Dyke was a stroppy, unhappy, rude teenager when he arrived at the Solana in series six with his father Clive and mother Tonya, causing trouble for resident teen Michael Garvey. The following year he arrived with friends - but his now-single dad and his aunt soon turned up.

Danny Walters is a relative newcomer, though he played Leslie Matlin in an episode of Call the Midwife and also had a bit part in Our World War.

Shelley Longworth – Sam Wood

Shelley Longworth has not appeared as holidaymaker Sam Wood since series five, but will be making her return for series nine.

The actress was Miss Samson in Suffragette, and a voiceover artist for The Octonauts.

Paul Bazely – Troy Ramsbottom

Troy is a long-established Benidorm character, appearing in series one when he arrived with his partner Gavin (Hugh Sachs) to celebrate setting up their first hair salon together (though Troy messed it up a bit by having a fling with barman Mateo). He later married Gavin and continued returning to Benidorm, where he met his long-lost son. But after series four he went on hiatus, not returning until series eight when he came back to the Solana – without Gavin.


Paul Bazely is a familiar face on TV, having played Ven-Garr in Doctor Who, The Man in the Woods in Black Mirror, Salaman in Pirates of the Caribbean, Michael in the IT Crowd, and Giles Dhillon in Critical.


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