Meera Syal reveals the Goodness Gracious Me team are planning a comeback

Could the BBC comedy quartet be "going out for an English" again soon?


The team behind late 90s BBC comedy Goodness Gracious Me have plans to bring back their distinctive brand of humour in a new format, reveals Meera Syal in the new issue of Radio Times magazine.


Syal – one of the comedy quartet which also featured Sanjeev Bhaskar, Kulvinder Ghir and Nina Wadia – says the group are collecting material for a possible new project.

“We don’t want to redo something for the sake of it, but we’re discussing something,” Syal tells Radio Times. “We’d like to bring our brand of humour back but in a different format.

“We have to be confident we’ve got the material and I think we have. We’re gathering it. That could well happen.”

Goodness Gracious Me started life as Radio 4 sketch show before making the leap to TV in a BBC2 series that ran from 1998 to 2001.

The show mined comedy from the integration and juxtaposition of Indian and British culture, and often made its point by reversing situations, as in classic sketch “going out for an English”, in which a group of friends enjoy an adventurous night out at a restaurant serving only the blandest food imaginable…


Read the full interview with Meera Syal in this week’s Radio Times magazine, available in shops and on the Apple Newsstand from Tuesday 7th March