Matthew Perry on Friends: “Why in the world did we stop?”

Chandler Bing admits he’d love to go back in time and stop the show from ending - but is more Friends a good idea?

Oh. My. God. Matthew Perry has admitted Friends should never have finished.


The actor, who played Chandler Bing for the entire ten series of the hit US comedy, says if he could, he would rewrite history.

“Why in the world did we stop? We all decided, ‘You know what? Let’s stop.’” said Perry. “I’d love to get in a time machine right now and go, ‘Let’s not stop.’”

It may sound like Perry’s being rather noble – suggesting the gang should have stuck together for the good of the show and the fans – but actually it sounds like he simply misses the shorter working days.

“[Friends] was ridiculous – it’s in front of a live audience, it was like a 10-4 kind of job, and we only worked a third of the time,” said Perry, speaking at The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy roundtable.

Comparing Friends to his NBC show Go On, he added: “I work, like, 15 hours a day every day…”


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