Mark has plans for Jeremy in an exclusive look at the final ever episode of Peep Show

David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s El Dude brothers are going out with a party

After 12 years and nine series, cult sitcom Peep Show is finally coming to an end tomorrow night – and we’ve got an exclusive first-look clip of the final adventure for Mark and Jeremy.


Taking place in a shop, the clip shows David Mitchell’s Mark Corrigan shopping for an appropriate banner to remind flatmate Jeremy (Robert Webb) of his impending birthday. What a nice gesture – right?

After all, we’re sure that when Jeremy said in this other clip he didn’t want to celebrate turning 40 (coming of age just as the series ends, appropriately enough) he was just playing it cool. Who doesn’t love a party?

Though considering this is the very last episode, we’re guessing this party might not go exactly to plan. Hopefully it’s a fond farewell, one way or the other.


Peep Show concludes on Channel 4 tomorrow (Wednesday 16th December) at 10.00pm