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Marge Simpson inspires range of MAC makeup

With her bold blue hair and colourful clothes, The Simpsons' matriarch is now a style icon... logo
Published: Thursday, 8th May 2014 at 11:27 am

There's no denying that The Simpsons brand is hugely successful.


After 25 years of their animated escapades you can be sure their iconic yellow faces and catchphrase-worthy quotes are recognised the world over. But it turns out the residents of Springfield are even more influential than we first thought...

In an unlikely turn of events, makeup brand MAC is turning to Simpsons' matriarch Marge to inspire its new collection.

That's right. Matt Groening's cartoon creation, who is famous for her sunny complexion, green dress, red accessories and sky-high blue curls, is now a credible style icon. Who knew, eh?

To celebrate the cartoon's 25th anniversary, the makeup brand will be launching a limited edition range of Marge inspired beauty products in September.

When it comes to the actual products MAC will be offering, we are still in the dark. But we can only imagine there will be an emphasis on bold primary colours. Red and yellow eyeshadow, anyone?

And obviously an awful lot of royal blue. Plus heaps of hairspray. Marge must use cans of the stuff to keep her barnet so sturdy...



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