Lord of the Reams: Martin Freeman stars in hilarious Hobbit meets The Office mash-up

Gandalf's the chilled out entertainer as Bilbo gets used to a life selling paper rather than saving Middle Earth in new SNL sketch...

It’s the mash-up we never knew we wanted: The Hobbit meets The Office in The Office: Middle Earth.


Martin Freeman stars as Tim Canterbury-cum-Bilbo Baggins. He’s done with that important quest, saving Middle Earth. He’s selling paper now.

Gandalf’s the chilled out entertainer here. “Lord of the Reams”, if you will

Of course, he does the Brent dance

Gollum’s still trying to hang onto that ring

Legolas is, er, photocopying

And yes, Gandalf’s whipped the guitar out

The skit was all part of Freeman’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig in the US over the weekend. Check out the full video below: