Lindsay Lohan just asked her Mean Girls co-stars for a sequel

Could the original Plastics reunite for another film?


Lindsay Lohan – yo’ girl Cady Heron – just called for a Mean Girls sequel.


Lohan posted an Instagram pic of herself and fellow Mean Girls alumni Rachel McAdams (Regina George, obviously) and Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners). Its caption: “miss you all… sequel?” – essentially the chick flick equivalent of summoning the Justice League.

So could it happen? Could Lohan force through a sequel 12 years after the original? Probably not. During the Mean Girls reunion in 2014, writer Tina Fey told EW that it was “too late” to reunite the plastics for another outing.


But we’re crossing our fingers for another Mean Girls film, if only to forget the horrors of the straight-to-DVD Mean Girls 2 in 2011. Watch the trailer if you dare.