Leonard Nimoy’s son to make a special appearance in The Big Bang Theory

Adam Nimoy – the son of Mr Spock – meets Sheldon Cooper (and Will Wheaton, obviously)

The Big Bang Theory is set to pay tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy with a special episode featuring the son of Mr Spock himself, Adam Nimoy.


‘The Spock Resonance’ will see Sheldon Cooper interviewed by Adam about his father’s life. The episode’s scheduled to air on 5th November in the US, with a UK air date to follow.

Leonard Nimoy never appeared in person on The Big Bang Theory, but was constantly referenced by the show, and even lent his voice to a Spock doll in a 2012 cameo.


Producer Chuck Lorre paid a touching tribute to the Star Trek star back in April, and is keeping Nimoy in the show’s thoughts with son Adam appearing alongside regular guest star Will Wheaton in the latest series.

Adam Nimoy and Will Wheaton meet Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory (courtesy of CBS)


In real life, Adam is making a film about his father’s life entitled For the Love of Spock – although we’re pretty sure Sheldon’s disastrous interview in the show won’t make the final cut.