Lena Dunham’s Girls, as told by… kittens

Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna have been turned into fluffy cat babies, but life is still tough for the foursome...

If you think being a twentysomething in the big city is hard, it’s a good job you’re not a kitten. 


Yes, it turns out life is tough for fluffy little felines, too. 

In an inspired YouTube video, Hannah, Jessa, Marnie and Shoshanna from Lena Dunham’s hit HBO comedy series Girls have been recast as “four foster kittens” (a winning combination, we think you’ll agree). But, just as the girls struggle to survive in New York City, it’s not all plain sailing for these furballs as they aim for the dizzying heights of feline-hood (and the top of the scratching post). 

They’ve got all sort of problems. From fancying dogs (bad idea) to working out how to get their face famous on Instagram, via feeling sad that their fluffy natures prevent them from getting taken seriously. One tiny feline even dons Hannah’s iconic string vest. We can confirm it looks just as awful. Sorry, kitten. 

As they say, “it’s been six weeks. And it hasn’t gotten easier.” 

Girls returns to Sky Atlantic later this year.