Lena Dunham bids farewell to Girls on Instagram

Thanks for the memories


Groundbreaking HBO series Girls is coming to an end, and creator/star Lena Dunham is feeling nostalgic.


The sixth and final season of the comedy-drama is currently shooting in America, and while there’s still a couple of weeks left before it wraps for good (and a little while after that before we see it on screens) Dunham posted a picture on Instagram this week that bid farewell to the series that made her name. And, you know, talked about nipples.

Meanwhile, co-star Alison Williams also posted a snap of the pair dancing to note her sadness at the series’ end, and overall it seems like there’s a very “last week of school” vibe on set.

We can only hope the series gives both women the send-off they’re hoping for.


Girls will return in 2017